yan Solomon is an American
entrepreneur, investor,
philanthropist, athlete, and explorer.

Raised in a single income household, money – and particularly the lack of it – became an early focus. With a hunger for competition, an obsession for knowledge but a disconnect from school, he was destined for entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurial spirit started at only 10 years old with small projects, and drastically grew as he reached his teenage years.

Ryan’s first major business success came at just 19 when he entered the tech arena. His company struggled as it maneuvered from niche to niche before finding its footing in wireless communications. The concepts were new and sales were initially slow, but as Ryan and his team pushed forward they went on to build one of the world’s first wireless ISP’s and networking companies.

Over the next few years Ryan built multiple companies centered around franchising, manufacturing, imports/exports, and retail. At 25, his business path changed when he began volunteering with children. Working with children introduced him to the struggling education system, and the many children suffering from the same disconnect he felt as a student. Witnessing this “hit home” with Ryan, and as a result he embarked on a lifelong mission to build companies that help people and make a difference.

In 2010, Ryan began discussing the future of education with various professionals and educators in efforts to make the school system more effective. His vision for education quickly expanded into researching and studying entire cultures – their people, health, relationships, and overall happiness. For six years, Ryan traveled to over 90 countries studying life and building a complete youth development company with 200+ locations.

As Ryan’s mission took him around the world, he ended up in some extreme places and interacting with some amazing people. He climbed some of the biggest mountains in the world, ran across entire countries, and even survived a solo trek through the Amazon. He spent time learning from CEO’s in Dubai, monks in Thailand, teachers in the favelas of Brazil, tribes in Africa, and treasure hunters in the Caribbean.

Today, all of what Ryan has learned is at the heart of Solomon Signatures Inc. With companies focused on everything from education and environmental conservation, to shipping, manufacturing, and technology, Ryan’s mission to help wherever he can is as strong as ever.

A Message From Ryan: Wherever you start in this world, is not where you have to finish. I know the struggles that so many of you know. I have felt that pain. We’re all on this path together and if there is ever anything myself, or any of my friends here at Solomon Signatures Inc. can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll see you at the top.