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S.S.A. Program

Through our sister company, Successful Students & Athletes, we offer a complete youth development program centered around sports, health, technology, science, mathematics, entrepreneurship, engineering and so much more. Our curriculum based program utilizes many different types of activities to increase the child’s knowledge of the subject at hand, improve the child’s mental and physical health, and teach them life lessons and career skills that will help put them on the road to success. With locations operating around the world, you can give a child the opportunity for a brighter future.

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Opportunity Knocks 360

Opportunity Knocks 360

Opportunity Knocks 360 was founded during Ryan’s 2012 trip to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. After his summit, Ryan stumbled upon a small farm where he met a local farmer on the verge of losing his land and ultimately his livelihood. In an effort to keep this from happening, Ryan helped orchestrate a deal with two other farmers and a restaurant in the nearby city of Arusha. The deal did in fact help save the mans farm, and also revealed how Ryan’s experience and Solomon Signatures resources could create impact on yet another scale. Today, O.K. 360 not only provides ongoing education and resources for small business around the world, but opportunities that help people in all walks of life. Opportunities that help people “live more.” If you would like to partner with us or are seeking assistance, contact us below.

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